There was a big change in Massachusetts in 2015: for the first time in the Commonwealth’s history lawyers were actually allowed to ask prospective jurors questions during what’s called the Voir Dire process. That’s the process of asking jurors if they can be fair, if they have certain prejudices that might keep them from being fair.

In Massachusetts before 2015, only the judge would get to ask prospective jurors questions and, as a result, the lawyers representing the plaintiffs and defendants wouldn’t be able to question the jurors in a way that would be able to help their case.

In Texas, where I’ve had a law practice for 34 years, all of those 34 years the lawyers have been asking those questions of the jurors. I’m the only attorney in MA, certainly here in the Berkshires, with that kind of experience in questioning the jurors.

You can win or lose your case in jury selection. It’s important to have a trial lawyer in a personal injury case with experience with asking questions to jurors to make the decisions on which jurors are going to be judging your case.

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