Most folks wait until they are deep into their education before they decide on their life’s work: I decided to be a lawyer in second grade (specializing in personal injury law came a bit later…). It helped that my Dad, my hero, was a lawyer in Chicago.

My father and my mother both grew up in Chicago, first-generation Americans whose parents had escaped anti-Semitism in Post-World War I Europe. My grandfather’s Chicago bakery afforded my father’s opportunity at education and eventually a law degree – he specialized in real estate law. It was with that foundation, belief in education, and an unremitting work ethic, that my father learned to be the man – and father – that he is. He was “Big Bow” to my “Little Arrow” in Indian Guides, pack master of my Cub Scouts, and threw a tight spiral to me every night during football season. He taught me to be respectful of others and myself. I grew up in a modest home and was taught the value of a coupon, the value of a half-off sale, the value of negotiating, and that reliability is the number one asset.

With that background, trial law became my passion. Even as a youngster I excelled in communication – using words to help my friends, my family, and myself. Not surprisingly, I was drawn to debate in high school. I went on to obtain a business degree at the University of Illinois and then landed at Chicago-Kent College of Law and was a member of Law Review and the Moot Court Team. I graduated with a focus on trial advocacy.

My entire career has been as a personal injury victim advocate. Unlike most attorneys, I have never ventured out into any other area of law. I am proud that when I work, I help people who are hurt, people who really need my expertise to receive the compensation they deserve and, in many cases, desperately need. I am proud that in my life’s work, I have lifted up every client to demonstrate to insurance claims adjusters, defense attorneys, and juries that people are entitled to full compensation for wrongfully caused physical pain, mental anguish, impairment, disfigurement, loss of earnings, and medical expenses.

There is nothing more satisfying to me then when my clients receive their settlement or judgment, and we shake hands for the final time. Do you live in Great Barrington or elsewhere in the Berkshires of MA? I look forward to the opportunity to help you with your personal injury claim. If you want to get to know me and understand my expertise, follow me on Facebook @Berkshiretriallawyer. You can call me at (413) 429-6400 or email me at I want to be your personal injury trial lawyer in the Berkshires.

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