When people are involved in car wrecks, the most common question they have is “How much can I recover for the damages I’ve incurred?” Several factors go into that.

The first factor in determining damages is the negligence of the defendant. If it’s common negligence, like they ran a stop sign or a stop light or rear-ended your vehicle, you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

Damages can include physical pain and mental anguish, physical impairment from the activities you were able to do before, physical disfigurement, entitled to recover your lost wages in the past and your capacity to earn in the future, and of course your medical expenses, which can mount every day as you’re seeking to recover.

But there are cases of gross neglect: drivers who are intoxicated; drivers that are under the influence of drugs. When the collision occurs, it will matter how much insurance they have and if they were working for a company.

I recently represented a man who sustained bad injuries in a rear-end collision when he was hit by a truck. We were able to reveal that the defendant’s one million dollars of insurance wasn’t enough. We did some digging in the litigation and found out that they had a universal policy of an additional two million dollars. We were able to get all three million dollars paid to that man due to the diligent work on our part.

You can be sure that the insurance companies are doing everything they can to minimize your claim. You need to work with a personal injury trial attorney who has deep experience in car wreck cases to make sure you get a just recovery.

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