About Scott Sanes’ Experience and Philosophy

I represent personal injury clients from the initial claim stage through litigation until the matter is settled or a jury verdict is rendered. And here’s more about our personal injury law firm:

I am an experienced personal injury attorney advocating for injury victims in two states: Massachusetts and Texas. I have been practicing personal injury law in south Texas since 1982 and am a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorney since 1988 with 100% of this practice devoted to advocating solely for personal injury victims. I have been practicing law in the Berkshires of Massachusetts since 2015. I am the only personal injury attorney in the Berkshires with 40+ years of experience in questioning jurors during jury selection.

I have won dozens of multi-million dollar settlements and jury verdicts for my clients and their families. Cases include a woman blinded by a defective retractable dog leash, a worker who lost use of his hand while working on a printing press, the survivors of a  victim of medical negligence, and an unfortunate victim of a collision with a company truck.

My philosophy is to be aggressive and passionate in prosecuting the personal injury claims of my clients, and I take each case I handle personally and give each client the service and attention they deserve.

I represented the survivors of Ida Lee Delaney in Delaney v. City of Houston and the survivors of Byron Gillum in Gillum v. City of Houston. Both cases gained national attention and involved allegations of civil rights violations against the City’s police force. (Read more about these winning cases here.) I attained one of the highest settlements in history on behalf of a slip and fall victim in Brazoria County, Texas. I bring this expertise, passion and success to all my clients in Massachusetts and Texas.

Scott A. Sanes, Personal Injury Lawyer in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Personal: My Life Beyond Law

My family and I moved to the Berkshires in 1999 so our son could benefit from the Son Rise Program offered by the The Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield. Since that time, I have divided my time between South Texas and Massachusetts.

Scott Sanes, Cherri Sanes and their son Jache at the ExtraSpecialTeas Grand Opening in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

My wife, Cherri, and I co-founded ExtraSpecialTeas in Great Barrington in 2016. ExtraSpecialTeas is a non-profit organization that provide outstanding vocational programs and a community day program for young adults with special needs in a dynamic teahouse setting. I am also committed to my Berkshires community and have served on several non-profit boards: The Eagle Fund, The Autism Treatment Center of America, and Stanton Homes. I’m currently a Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce Board Member.

Testimonials from my clients

“I wish to give my highest recommendation as to the abilities of attorney Scott Sanes. I had a very large property loss when my house in Massachusetts burned down to the ground. Since the house fire was caused by construction workers working on site, I had to find legal counsel who would represent me in this large property casualty claim against various insurance companies…The result was I was offered a generous 7 figure settlement, and a check was sent to me personally via overnight mail about a week later! My house is now in the process of being completely rebuilt!”

– Daniel Henry

“Scott is an effective advocate for good engineering and against bad engineering practices. Very satisfying to work with him.”

– Don E. Bray

“Scott was very easy to communicate with. His response time was amazing, he always called back promptly! I was extremely satisfied with the results…he was willing to go the extra mile to get the results I wanted! I would highly recommend him as a personal injury lawyer!”

– One of Scott’s Clients

“Scott negotiated a settlement for me. I appreciated the terms of the settlement. Although I hope never to go through such an ordeal as a shattered elbow again, if such were to befall me, I’d call Scott right away.”

– Laurily Epstein

“Scott and his team were the most thorough, strategic and tough lawyers to handle our complex injury case. Most importantly, their client service was above and beyond, which brought closure and a major victory for our family.”

– One of Scott’s Clients

“Scott Sanes is THE guy you want on your side.”

– Julie Sando Johnston

“Scott has a passion for justice. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Rhonda Rice