“I’ve been injured but do I need a lawyer?” If you’ve been injured due to another’s neglect—whether it’s an individual, a corporation, or another entity—the answer may be yes. At the beginning of a claim, if you’re not hurt too badly, you’ll be contacted by the insurance company and you can feel free to contact them. HOWEVER…

If you’re wondering if you need a personal injury lawyer, you’ve probably been in a car accident or other accident and experienced an injury. I’m a personal injury trial lawyer who’s been practicing for over four decades. I get asked this question a lot here in Berkshire County MA. Here’s what I say…

If you have an injury that

  • Impairs ability to work
  • Requires medical attention and therefore medical bills
  • Causes physical pain, mental anguish or impairment or disfigurement of your body…

…you should call a lawyer. Know that these insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize the amount of compensation you will receive. THAT’S when and why you need a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers work for YOU and work on a contingent fee basis so that you don’t have to pay anything unless they’re successful in getting you compensation.

I strongly recommend that if you have a serious injury, contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. If you need to learn more about your rights and whether or not you need an attorney to represent you, please feel free to contact me and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more information. I’m based out of Great Barrington MA and am ready to fight for your right for compensation.

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